10pcs Strelitzia Reginae Aiton Seeds Garden Charming Plant

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10pcs Strelitzia Reginae Aiton Seeds Garden Charming Flower

Strelitzia, also known as Bird of Paradise, is a beautiful, charming and graceful flower. It prefers warm, humid, sunny environment, fear of cold, avoid hot, avoid drought, waterlogging bogey. It requires good drainage loose, fertile, sandy loam of pH6-7.

Latin name: Strelitzia Reginae Aiton
Alias: Bird of Paradise, Crane flower
Flower language: freedom, happiness, unrestrained
Sowing time: the four seasons
Germination optimum temperature: 25-30?
Seedlings of growth temperature: 15-25?
Growing temperature: 20-28?
Winter temperatur: ≥5?

Sowing Way:
1. Remove hair on the seeds, soak the seeds with 30-40? water for 1-2 days, change of water twice a day
2. Prepare plant bag and pour some soil, then  put the seeds into soil of 0.7cm depth
3. cover with plastic cloth, place in 24-30? indoor, keep the soil wet
4. Sprout after 15-20 days, keep enough light and avoid overly watering
5. The taproot starts growing down when growing true leaf, and it is the best period to transplant.
6. Avoid exposure after transplanting, need to shade
7. Start fertilizeing after growing two true leaf
8. When the seedling grows 15cm height, transplanting to flowerpot.

Package Include:

10 X strelitzia seeds


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