2 Inch 52mm Dial Autometer Oil Temputure Gauge


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2 Inch 52mm Dial Autometer Oil Temputure Gauge 


2"52mm Oil Temperature Gauge
Optimum performance indicator by Race Sport
2" / 52mm Silver facia with brushed aluminium bezel
Illuminated display
Uses electric sender (included) for reading
Supplied with fitting kit and full instructions


Condition: 100% Brand New
Body color: White
Dial color: Silver
Pointer color: Red
Numbers color: Blue
Bezel color: Silver
Lights color: Orange+Turquoise
52mm /2" Size Gauge Meter
Power: DC(10-15V) 12V Professional,IGN MAX 0.3A

Package Included:

1 X Oil Temperature Gauge
1 X Fitting Kit
1 X Bolts Pack
1 x English Instructions