GX-666 MMS Video Taking Locator for The Children Old Person


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GX-666 MMS Video Taking Locator for The Children Old Person

1.It is  the only can see on the map to the location of the mobile phone in all similar product, also can be directly reply messages in Chinese,
photographed the rebound, MMS, sound recording or video recording, with TF card slot acoustic power query callback motion detecting MMS back environmental monitoring.
 2. If listen to sound more, can play 10086 opened the friendship number per month, it's only a number five yuan a month to check how long don't money.
3. This product does not require any other platform, life-long free of charge.Just send a message to the alarm locator,
can reply to the address below information + maps, simple operation, one pace reachs the designated position.
4. This product is the only market with the function of charge automatically boot, connect the power supply,
when alarm locator electricity use % 10, automatically send text messages to remind charging products.Shutdown after charging products
will be automatically switched on and continue to charge.
Warning: charging must insert SIM card.
5. The query location:
Whether alarm locator on the cart, or in a child bag, or in the pocket of the old man, can through the mobile phone to
send SMS alarm locator, query alarm locator location, convenient you to monitor all the way, to master the location of the object in real time.


Appearance size   3.5cm*2.0cm*1.4cm(L*W*H)
Charging input InputAC110-220V50/60Hz
Charging output OutputDC5.0V300-500mA
Machine battery 3.7V400mAh Li-ion battery
Standby time Eight days
Continuous call 150-180 minutes

Package Included:
1 X Video Locator

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