Indoor Balcony Auto Watering Planter Flower Vegetable Potting Flowerpot


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Automatic Constant Humidity Flower Vegetable Potting Planter

This planter adopts siphon principle to solve the plant dying for lack of water, when you don't have a lot of time to water plants. When the plant need moisture, the water will transit the drinking rod to the soil to provide moisture for plant. And the plant's root can directly extend to absorb water through separator. It is beneficial to plant growth.

Diameter: 52cm
Height: 21cm
Material: PP plastic
Weight: Appr.1.2kg
Color: Green, Coffee

Constant humidity design, water retention ability, save 70% water
Not need to water plants or flower every day
Effectively prevent the soil nutrients loss
Good skidproof and wear-resistant, withstand bumping
40mm PP material, non-toxic and odorless, breathable
Transparent observation hole, don't need to worry about watering too much

Package Include:
1 X Flower Pot
1 X Water Level Observation Hole
1 X Water And Soil Separation Separator
4 X Drinking Rods


Color Coffee, Color Green


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