3 in1 Plant Flowers Soil PH Tester Moisture Light Meter

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3 in1 Plant Flowers Soil PH Moisture Light Meter

Perfect tool to test the soil conditions ( Moisture/Light/PH) of fruits, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, etc. Ideal and necessary tool for gardeners, vegetable and fruit growers, and all those who plant trees and grass

Color: Green
Probe length: App180mm
Total size: Appr. 260* 58*36mm
Material: Plastics + stainless metal

Moist readings range: 0 DRY-10 WET
Light readings range: 0 DARK-2000 LUMEN
PH readings range: 8 ALKALIN-3.5A CIDIC
Multifunctional: Can test Moisture / Light / pH


With high accuracy and easy operation. You can take good care of your plants.

Take the guess work out of your daily garden watering light and moisture.

Save water, energy and keep your plants, lawn, flower in top condition.

Measures moisture at root level.

No battery required, simple and convenient to use.

Simply insert the meter into the soil, switch to the setting you want to measure and read the scale.

Moist value(1-10RH):
1-3(Red): need to water
4-7(Green): favorable moisture
8-10(Blue): too wet

pH value(8-3.5):
Neutral solution: =7
Acid reaction: <7
Alkaline reaction: >7

Light value(0-2000Lumen):
Higher values mean the greater the intensity of the light

1. Please insert probe into soil above 10cm when test moist, pH and light
2. To avoid damaging the electrode, please clean the electrode after each use, do not use in soil with stones and insert forcibly

Package included:
1 X 3 in1 Moisture/Light/PH Tester Meter


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