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Top 10 Best Water Guns in 2022 Reviews – Buyer’s Guide


Nothing is more bonding than engaging in water warfare with your family. Unfortunately, the old-school water guns are slowly becoming extinct and the modern ones are quickly taking over. Whoever said old is gold must have been a genius, or so I believe.

I have nothing against the modern designs since they spice up the experience, but there’s something about those old-school water guns which still baffles me. Today, if you walk down water gun aisles, you will be spoiled for choice. If you want to get the best ones.

10. Nerf Breach Blast

Nerf Breach Blast Get it now on Amazon.com

An incredibly high capacity water gun, this is one of the best products on the market. Its 50 fl-oz capacity which can hold an impressive 1477 ml of water, it gives you an advantage over your opponents allowing you to shoot, shoot and shoot non-stop with a single load.

If you have been using one of those half-baked water blasts which can’t even shoot beyond your toes, this gun will bring the 50s memories with a superb shooting distance of 38ft which is approximately 11.5 meters. Boasting a cutting edge quality and a crescendo performance with zero squirts, you can never go wrong with it.

  • It’s made from a top quality material.
  • It pumps out massive amounts of water giving you an advantage over your opponents.\
  • Its water holding capacity is incredible.
  • Lack of a trigger is a deal breaker.

9. Stream Machine TL-600 water gun

Stream Machine TL-600 water gun Get it now on Amazon.com

With unique water holding capacity, this super soaking water gun allows you to take down your opponents with a tsunami of water giving you an upper hand in any competition. Ideal for fun in the pool, beach or backyard, it’s designed to bring out that shooting giant in you.

It makes you feel like you are one of those movie stars somewhere between a rock and a hard place fiercely fighting for your life. Producing a powerful soaking stream for tonnes of fun and excellent performance, it’s 22’’ water launcher which boasts a 17’’ barrel can extend up to 36’’ for unsurpassed performance. Above all, the most impressive bit is the fact that loading is a piece of cake.

  • It’s meant for the whole family.
  • It comes with impregnated colours which never peel off.
  • It’s made from top tier polymer material.
  • Its handle is quite comfortable.
  • It covers a long distance, but not enough for some people.

8. AQUA ZOOKA Water Bazooka

AQUA ZOOKA Water Bazooka

Get it now on Amazon.com

As the name suggests, this is a high-impact bazooka which allows you to bomb down your opponents with streams of water unleashed one after the other in quick succession for unmatched performance. If you want to beat down your opponents to submission point or simply want to get rid of those stubborn weaverbirds, you can trust this bazooka to deliver.

Easy to operate, it offers quick filling and re-filling which allows you to remain armed all through. And yes, it’s constructed using high-impact thermoplastics which ensure that you enjoy using it for seasons.

Loading is a breeze; like all you have to do is dip it into a bucket or pool of water and then pull the handle back to syphon water into the barrel. After that, you are free to fire up to a distance of 60ft.

  • Its handle allows it to float on water.
  • It can also be used as a bilge pump.
  • It’s lightweight and extremely sturdy.
  • The water holding capacity isn’t the best.

7. Nerf Freezefire Blaster

Nerf Freezefire Blaster

Get it now on Amazon.com

This is another entry into the renowned line of Nerf blasters which have dominated the market for a long time. With a capacity of 23 ounces, it allows you to fire constantly and consistently without having to reload after every shot. And yes, if you want to take your opponent by surprise with an ice-cold blast, you can add some ice to make the experience even better.

And yes, has a blaster added into the bargain to take the experience to the next level. The large opening allows you to add ice to the barrel giving you an advantage over your friends.

  • It has a nice shooting distance.
  • The tank cap is water-tight hence no leakages.
  • The tank cap is tight enough to avoid accidental opening.
  • Since the stream is extremely wide, it also washes anything around the house in the process.
  • With no trigger, precision isn’t easy.

6. Nerf Scatterblast Blaster

Nerf Scatterblast Blaster Get it now on Amazon.com

Made using an extremely safe material, this Scatterblast gun is suitable for children of all ages. Of course, its quality is second to none while the durability is unmatched. What’s more, it delivers five streams of water simultaneously thus ensuring that you top-quality strong shots. The lightweight and compact design make it ideal for your kids even the smallest ones.

And yes, it’s equally perfect for adults who want to a slice of the fun. With an ability to send streams up to 34ft, it allows you to fire at friends or pets even when they are away from you.

  • Its 22-ounce capacity is impressive.
  • It boasts a flip-up sight.
  • It’s quite durable.
  • The back cap leaks at times.

5. HIG water gun

HIG water gun Get it now on Amazon.com

Made from a top-quality and eco-friendly material, HIG water gun is another reputable product whose performance has remained unbeatable for decades. Its ABS plastic construction is not only safe for the environment but also equally safe for you and your family.

Ideal for kids and adults, the strong shots it releases will make you feel like you’re on a battlefield. Of course, given the velocity at which it fires, it’s advisable that you avoid eyes and face in general since it could cause serious harm. Its trigger allows you to fire quickly and precisely using one hand.

  • The shooting distance is incredible.
  • Its water holding capacity eliminates the need for frequent loading.
  • It’s lightweight and ergonomic design make it ideal for kids.
  • Water leaks if you tilt it downwards.

4. Dazzling Toys water gun

Dazzling Toys water gun Get it now on Amazon.com

This is a double-barreled water shooter which lets you fire like a pro with unmatched precision. Offering various colour options for you to choose your favourite, you can never go wrong with this gun.

If you want to surprise you friends with excellent speed and quick loading process, try this gun. Its size makes it ideal for kids and equally perfect for adults.

  • It’s extremely safe with no sharp structures. It has an impressive shooting distance.
  • It has an ergonomic handle.
  • They’re quite small.

3. Nerf Microburst 2 Blaster

Nerf Microburst 2 Blaster

Get it now on Amazon.com

Microburst 2 is another product in the Nerf line of production which is designed to offer super fast and incredible shots ensuring that you enjoy the whole process. Easy to use and fill, all you have to do is fill, pump and fire.

And yes, it covers an impressive shooting distance of 33ft which makes it quite reliable. Its ability to hold 10-ounce of water at a time ensures that you keep firing for a considerable time.

  • It includes a blaster.
  • Its trigger is easy to use.
  • Its tank caps are tight enough to eliminate leaking.
  • Taking out the cap requires a little bit of muscle which makes it difficult for little ones to use.

2. Nerf Tidal Tube Blaster

Nerf Tidal Tube Blaster

Get it now on Amazon.com

Allowing you to soak your target with heavy shots, this is another great product on the market. Easy to use, all you have to do is pull back the slide and then start unleashing shots after shots continuously with easy reload mechanism.

Blasting up to 23 feet, although this isn’t the longest shooting distance, there’s no doubt that it’s quite impressive. The holding capacity is 10 ounces which is sufficient enough to hold water for several shots.

  • It comes with 2 blasters.
  • It’s ideal for your shooters.
  • It’s made from a top quality material.
  • Its ergonomic design makes its use quite easy.
  • The blaster plunger is a bit too hard to kids to pull and push.

1. Nerf Barrage Soaker

Nerf Barrage Soaker

Get it now on Amazon.com

Barrage soaker boasts three modes to ensure that you switch from one level of fun to the next one conveniently and comfortably. With distance, scatter or flood modes, it allows you to switch between the modes according to your current situation.

It has an incredible 84-ounce capacity which is arguably the largest I have come across on the market. With a shooting range of up to 38 ft, you will love it.

  • Its holding capacity is simply incredible.
  • It comes with barrage soaker.
  • The three modes allow you to soak your target conveniently.
  • Its monster size gives maximum soakage.
  • The air-hold which is on the filler squirts some water.

You Also Have To Consider The Following Factors

How much water it holds

It’s important for you to consider how much water a gun holds before you pick it. The amount of water held will directly or indirectly affect how often you will have to reload your gun. Of course, none of us wants to keep loading the water gun after every shootout as this would give your opponents a competitive advantage.

The shooting distance

How far can your water gun shoot? This is another important factor which has to be considered before you pick any of them. Unless you want to be shooting at yourself (pun intended), it’s important that you go for a gun boasting an incredible shooting distance. Whether it’s birds or friends you want to engage in a water gun warfare with, you can be sure that they won’t be closer than 10ft from you. For that reason, it’s advisable that you arm yourself a war machine which can crank up to at least 30ft.

The weight

Depending on who is going to be using the gun, weight has to be put into consideration. If you’re getting it for your kids, ensure that they can lift the fully loaded gun without having to struggle. This way, they will have fun without getting exhausted or too tired.

How comfortable it is

How comfortable is the handle, the trigger or the gun in general? This is important since it affects how often you will want to put your shooting skills to action. Most importantly, kids have very low tolerance to discomfort which means that if you don’t get something comfortable, your kids might not be motivated to use it.

The price

Although some people might argue that the price isn’t that important, I beg to differ. The price is just as important as any other factor. This is because it gives a general overview of what to expect. However, it’s advisable that you approach the issue on price with a pinch of salt given the fact that some sellers understand the price psychology.

Final Words

When looking for the best water guns, it’s crucial that you check the capacity, the shooting distance and the comfort of all its accessories. This will help you get the best products. Given the products listed above, although each one of them boasts its unique features, one thing is common among all of them; quality.

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