Auto 12V LED One Push Start Engine Button Ignition Starter Switch


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Condition: 100% Brand New
Led light color: Blue, Red, Green
Quantity: 1 pc
Push button connector wire: approx.94.8cm / 37.32"
Relay Box wire: approx.43cm / 16.93"
English Instruction included

Installation Description:

1.Stop the car and shut off the engine
2.Fix the "Push Button" to appropriate position
3.Pass the wire through the partition board and press the starting switch,against the partition board,the attach,the rubber ring and tighten the nut.
4.Connect the push button connector to the Relay Box
5.The black wire should be earthed to the mental bodywork of the car or the negative side of the battery
6.The blue wire should be connected to terminal 15(ign) behind the ignition switch,another one connecting terminal 50 behind the ignition switch
7.The red wire should be connected to the terminal 15. (The power path that passes through ign)
8.Fix the Relay Box using the double side tape and screws
When engine is running,DO NOT push the button again to avoid activating the device as to cause the failure.

Operating Instruction:

1.To start engine: Turn the ignition key on and press the push button.Release as soon as engine fires.
2.To stop engine: Turn the ignition key off.

Package includes: 

1 x LED One Push Start Engine Button
1 x English Instruction

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