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Top 10 Best Bunk Beds with Stairs in 2022


They give you additional sleeping space without taking up more floor space. Then when you turn to one of the top 10 best bunk beds with stairs in 2022, you get even more convenience.

Plus, you can redecorate your children’s rooms to make them more efficient and keep them looking great. These bunk beds with stairs are durable, solid and should be safe for your children to use.

Our bunk bed with stairs review

List Of Top 10 Best Bunk Beds with Stairs in 2022

10. Custom Kids Furniture House Double Bunk Beds (B01MXXKLHP)

Custom Kids Furniture

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Your children can plat house while sitting in their beds. This house design bunk bed has easy access to the top bunk while making the children safe with its guardrails. Plus, the top bunk has an A frame design and windows to give your child lots of space when inside their bed.

Also, when you assemble this bed, you are giving your children a fun place to be when they get bored. Pull down blinds provide them with lots of privacy when they need some.


9. Discovery World Furniture Twin Loft Bed

Discovery World

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With a built-in bookcase and dresser, you save even more room with this bunk bed with stairs. The heavy-duty ladder to the top bunk should be strong enough for your child to climb. Plus, the solid wood top bunk comes with rails, so your child doesn’t fall out of bed at night.

Also, the full lower bed is made of the same merlot finished wood as the upper bunk. Both beds combine to give your children the room they always wanted.

8. Discovery World Furniture Stair Stepper Bed

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Your children get actual stairs instead of a ladder to climb into bed at night. These stairs are made of solid pine and MDF wood construction materials to keep your children safe while they sleep. Plus, the lower full bed has a large drawer underneath for toys or clothes, etc.

Along with rails, the upper bunk also has a built-in dresser to keep your children’s room nice and tidy. In addition to that feature, a little storage space is located under the bottom step.

7. ACME Jason Twin/Full Bunk Bed

ACME Jason Twin

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The unique feature on this bunk bed with stairs is that each stair holds one dresser drawer. Its non-traditional design gives your children lots of space for their clothes. In addition to that feature, the full bed underneath also has a large drawer for toys, etc, underneath it.

Also, the pine and MDF construction materials provide quality, durability and strength. Your children should be safe when they climb into their beds.

6. ACME Freya White Loft Bed with Steps

ACME Freya White

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Everything your children need is included in this bunk bed with stairs. First, they get a built-in dresser and bookcase. Then they have a built-in desk to do their homework. On top of that the stairs are easy to climb and have handles to help your child get up to their bunk.

In addition, the desk also has three drawers. More than enough storage space in included in this bunk bed with stairs ensemble.

5. Dorel Living Airlie Solid Wood Bunk Beds

Dorel Living Airlie

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It may not have a set of stairs to climb, but the solid wood ladder is sturdy and easy to use. Once in the top bunk, your child has two guardrails to make sure they stay safely in their bed while sleeping. Gentle curves and no sharp edges protect your children from harm.

Also, if your kids tire of the bunk bed with stair design, you can separate it and make two separate beds.

4. Discovery World Furniture Twin Over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed

Discovery World Furniture

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This beautifully crafted bunk bed with stair set brings with it two twin beds. One child can climb the solid wood stairs while the other can just flop inside his or her bunk. In addition to this, the built-in dresser provides plenty of storage space.

As does the three captain’s drawers under the lower bunk. Protective railings watch over your child as he or she climbs the stairs and lays down on their mattress.

3. Discovery World Furniture Stair Stepper Bed

Twin Over Full Stair

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3 captain’s drawers and a built-in 4 drawer dresser provide enough space to make sure your children’s room stays neat and clean. There is no excuse for a messy room with this bunk bed with stairs on the job.

Plus, your children get guard rails to keep them safe when they use the bed. Its white color should go with just about nay color in your child’s room and give it a more spacious look.

2. DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed with Storage Steps

DHP Junior Twin Metal

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If you need to, you could probably fit another bunk underneath this loft bed. In the meantime, you get 2 storage spots underneath the steps. These boxes are good for toys, books and more children’s items.

Plus, the sturdy and solid metal frame will hold up to 200 pounds of weight. Also, the guardrails on all sides of this loft bed give you location options and your child safety. An iron rail provides a good hand hold for your child as they climb the steps.

1. Bedz King Stairway Bunk Beds with Steps

Bedz King Stairway

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2 storage spots on the side of and 3 drawers in the steps make sure your children have a place to put their things. Then the bunk bed with stairs is easy to climb and comes with protective rails to make sure your children are safe.

Made from Brazilian pine, you will add a lot of class to your child’s bedroom. Plus, you get peace of mind as the wood is strong, durable and solid.

Some final words

Providing for your children doesn’t have to be a chore or boring. You can spice up their lives with one of the top 10 best bunk beds with stairs in 2022. These beds come with unique designs and features to make your child’s life easier and more fun.

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