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Top 10 Best Camping Tables in 2022 – Review and Guide


Camping always gets us excited. And, foods at camping always get us drooling over, too. But, the thought of hunching your back to feast is not comfortable at all. That is why you need convenient portable tables to help make some of your activities (eating, working, gathering, etc.) more comfortable and fun. Meanwhile, here’s a look at the top 10 best camping table reviews of the year.

10. ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Camping Tables


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Comes in 2 colors, khaki and checker board pattern, and great construction, the ALPS mountaineering is classic and sturdy. The corner buckle design of this table allows easy and quick set-up and adjustable tautness. It has several levels. Its top level can be used for food and games. And, for the bottom level, the table has 4 built-in beverage holders and a side pocket organizer that you can store all your goodies there.

For weight, this table with storage weighs around 7 lbs. In the purchase, it includes an 8×36″ shoulder carry bag, too. Grab this one now because we can guarantee that at this price point and quality.

9. Coleman Outdoor Camping Tables


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Coleman Outdoor Compact Table has so much to write about. But, we will keep it short to just its most significant features. It is a family size portable, folding table with room for 4 people. Crafted with steel frame and aluminum top, this table is surely a portable, sturdy, and lightweight outdoor/camping compact table.

Its carry case can carry this lightweight camping table at ease and fit in almost any car trunk. Assembly is a piece of cake just by snapping the frame and the top together.

8. ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table


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Moving to the 3rd product on the list, we would like to recommend to you the ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table. Weighing about 12 lbs, the table is very lightweight and versatile. Bring this along with you to your next outing at ease. Besides, its top is a fold-up top. And, the carry bag that comes with the purchase can come in pretty handy, too.

This camping table, in overall, is sturdy enough for even holding a dishwashing tub or water container, easy to assemble, space saving, and can last for a very long time.

7. GCI Outdoor Slim Camping Table Folding


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Another most-loved portable table from us is the GCI Outdoor Slim Fold Table. As a foldable camping table, this table also functions as a handy cook station that has a storage rack, and 4 multi-use side tables. These tables can hold a number of camping necessities such as beverages, wine glasses, garbage bags, paper towels, and utensil holders.

Constructed from a powder-coated steel frame and an aluminum counter top, this is definitely built to last. If you need a heavy-duty fold table, this item is the right choice for you.

6. Coleman Pack-Away Camping Table


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If you are hunting for a camping table that is a bit more extra, you should consider this one. This is not just a table but also a pack-away kitchen that is attached to a lantern hook, hanging hooks, and a mesh shelf.

Coleman indeed takes it camping equipment to the next level. Specifically, this tableware is made to be suitable for almost all of Coleman stoves. What could be cooler than bringing a pack-away kitchen with you to your next outdoor outing?

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5. Coleman Pack-Away 4-In-1 Camping Table


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We love this table from Coleman as we can use the 2 tables separately in a number of different ways. Most importantly, with the 4 height options, the 2 tables can be used by placing end-to-end to create a long buffet table, or side-by-side for a classic square dining table. As a versatile and compact table with adjustable height, it can function as a kitchen table, a dishwashing table, a computer desk, a nightstand, a food prep surface, and more.

For durability, as experienced by a previous customer, he accidentally left the table in the rain over night, and, the next day, he found no damage or rust to the table at.

4. Porlae Foldable Picnic Table

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Portable, compact, lightweight, foldable – are all that the Porlae Foldable Camping Picnic Table is capable of. Made of alluminum and aluminum alloy, the table is remarkably stable, sturdy and lightweight (only 2.6 lbs). Besides, its gorgeous metallic look will leave you adoring the product even more.

This foldable table is also ultra flat, and setting it up is a total breeze.

3. Camco Camping Table

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This Camco Camping table is indeed designed for easy assembling for its compact roll-top side table. And, don’t you worry about its durability as it comes in a heavy-gauge aluminum tube frame and water resistant aluminum roll up. This is definitely one of those equipment that can last for years.

Simply store it in the shoulder-strapped carry bag for easy handling. Many customers have come back for a second and third purchase already. So, maybe you should find out yourself what the fuzz is all about?

2. Camco Deluxe Camping Table


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Another recommendation from us is the deluxe camping/grilling table from Camco. Looking so sleek, this is a convenient camping table that is lightweight, foldable, quick and easy to set up, and comes in a durable carrying case. You can use the table not only for eating, but for cooking as well. Its top surface can easily hold a griller.

Besides, being so spacious, the foldable table also has a number of hooks for utensils and paper towels. Let’s camp in style with Camco Deluxe Table!

1. Sportneer Camping Table

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Lastly, we would like to introduce to you a more-affordable but awesome table from Sportneer. Top features of this foldable table are of course its price, portability, quality, weight, and ease of setting up. This adorable, metallic camping table can hold up to 350 lbs of weight.

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Provided is the list of top 10 best camping tables that our team has carefully curated for you. We believe that all of these tables are the bang for your buck. But, the only difference is to pick the ones with features that suit your specific needs.

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