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Top 10 Best Medicine Cabinet in 2022


To store and keep safe all those high-priced medicines you own. One way to do that is to make sure you use one of the top 10 best medicine cabinet in 2022. These medicine cabinets are made to look good in your bathroom while holding your prescriptions.

have all the shelves and features you need. Plus, their tough construction materials make them very durable as well.

10. KOHLER Slow-Close

KOHLER K-99007

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One way to make sure you look good is by checking yourself out in the multiple mirrors included in this medicine cabinet. A 3x magnifying mirror on the inside will help you check for blackheads, etc.

Plus, you get 3 adjustable shelves in this 24 by 30” cabinet. More than enough room to store your needed medical items. The rust-free aluminum construction material keeps the cabinet durable and the reversible door gives you location options. Mounting hardware is included.

9. Robern Bevel Mirror Medicine Cabinet

Robern RC2436D4FB1

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Once you install this beveled edged medicine cabinet, its 1-inch flange cover any errors made in installation. Plus, the 2 adjustable shelves make sure you can store taller bottles inside and out of the reach of your children.

Also, with 3 mirrors to use, you shouldn’t be going outside with a hair out of place. The 24 by 36” medicine cabinet brings you a lot of storage space making sure you can organize your bathroom with ease.

8. JACUZZI Triple Door Medicine Cabinet


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3 doors give you plenty of options to keep your medical supplies out of sight. Plus, the 26 by 30” medicine cabinet has enough room to store most of your bathroom items.2 adjustable shelves on each side of the cabinet give you lots of location options as well.

After you take this medicine cabinet out of its box, you can flush mount it or recess it. The choice is yours and depends on your bathroom design. Made with aluminum for durability and strength.

7. Hamilton Hills Medicine Cabinet

Lighted LED Frameless

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The LED backlight feature ensures that you can do your personal grooming and not miss a spot. The frosted glass light bulbs produce up to 1500 lumens with 3000k light. They are dimmable in case you do not like how you look first thing in the morning.

Plus, the 23 ½ by 37 ½” medicine cabinet has a ¼” triple coated mirror to cast your reflection. All mounting hardware is included with your purchase and the LED lights should last you over 30 years.

6. Iinnovators Medicine Cabinet

White Concealed Medicine

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3 adjustable shelves provide you with a lot of location choices. You can make sure you get most of your bathroom supplies inside this medicine cabinet. Measuring 14 by 24 inches in size, a medium and small bathroom can enjoy this cabinet’s services.

In addition to those features, the mirror is placed on the inside of the cabinet. Once you close the medicine cabinet’s door, you will see a nice picture on the front panel. The cabinet comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

5. Fresca Tall Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Fresca 15" Wide

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Measuring 15 by 36 inches in size, you also get roughly 5 1/4 “depth after you install this medicine cabinet. With that space and 4 shelves, storing your bathroom essentials should not be difficult. Plus, you can mount it to the wall or recess it. It is your choice.

Also, reversible hinges allow you to open the door from either side. Made from aluminum, this cabinet should be rust free and look good every day it is in your bathroom.

4. Fresca  Wide Bathroom

Fresca 30" Wide x 36" Tall

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2 doors provide the access to the interior of this 30 by 36” cabinet. Its extra-wide size allows you to store more bathroom items without crowding them together. Then you can choose to wall mount it or have it recessed into your bathroom wall.

Plus, you can see your reflection in the interior mirror once you open the cabinet’s doors. On top of that, there are 4 shelves inside to elevate different medicines, etc., and keep them out of reach of young hands.

3. KOHLER Aluminum Cabinet


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The interior mirrors have a little help casting your reflection. Their friend is a small magnifying mirror that helps you get up close and personal with your face. Its slow-close hinges make sure you do not harm those mirrors when you close the doors.

After installing this 30 by 34” cabinet, you can use the 4 adjustable shelves to put away your bathroom items. Made from aluminum, you get good looks and durability.

2. KOHLER Aluminum Bathroom Cabinet


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The framed aluminum bathroom cabinet adds a little class to your looks and your bathroom. Then the 20 by 26” cabinet holds 2 adjustable shelves while remaining rust-resistant.

With reversible hinges, you can locate this mirror just about anywhere that is convenient. Then with wall or recess mount options, you get even more location possibilities. Plus, you get all the hardware you need to make the installation go smoothly. 2 more mirrors are inside the door and the back of the medicine cabinet.

1. D&E Wood Craft Cabinets Medicine

Primitive Mission Medicine

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Upgrade your bathroom’s look with a traditionally styled. The solid wood construction is made to last you a long time while providing you with good looks and ultimate space.

Measuring 20 by 26 inches in size, you get 6 inches depth and 3 shelves to put all your medical and bathroom supplies. The door is pulled open by an easy to use handle and can be made to open left or right.


You can raise the value of your home slightly by making small improvements like adding a good bathroom cabinet. One of the top 10 best medicine cabinets in 2022 can make all the difference when you go to resell your home.

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