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Top 8 Best Chair Gyms Review In 2022


Gym chairs are your best shot if you are often busy and can’t find time to hit the gym, yet you still desire to exercise. These chairs are created solid and sturdy with ergonomic designs to allow you to work out your arms, chest, legs and full body workouts. You will get in better shape without spending money on a home gym or spend the time to get to a commercial gym.

But when you finally want to get yourself a gym chair, you meet countless alternatives in the market niche leaving you overwhelmed. The quality and performance vary and that is why you need us to guide you when choosing the best chair gyms from the crowded market. We have checked a lot of aspects and these models fulfill a lot of them.

8. Resistance Chair Beginner Pack – Best Chair Gyms

Resistance Chair Beginner Pack

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  • By: VQ ActionCare Chair Gyms

This is gym chair will take the strains out of your everyday exercise and offer unmatched comfort and convenience.  This gym chair is a solid piece with a proper prop and health step attachment. It comes with a pair each of level  4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 each with respective handles resistance cables. The non-skid cushion prevents you from moving while on the chairs for added comfort and safety.

The bottom is covered by rubber to prevent slipping and falling. Buyers also get a free Better balance and stretching DVD and 2 extra DVDs on Leisurely living and Strong Heart and Strong body. You can use this unit straight from the box, all you need to do is to unfold it up into shape. We would recommend this gym chair to buyers looking for a new model or those want to have an upgrade.

Why you should get one:
  • The cushion is padded for more comfort.
  • It comes with a user manual for ease of set up and use.

7. EXO Chair, Chair Gym Split Pedal

EXO Chair

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  • By: Balanced Body Chair Gyms

If the unusual shape of this workout seat got you here, be comforted for it serves just right. The premium material used to make the non-slip chair is beautifully curved to provide better balance and greater comfort. The company made this piece strong and durable and can make it through decades of intense use. It comes with 2 springs, one black and the other heavy spring which can be adjusted to 8 resistance settings depending on what you are comfortable with.

You can convert this unit to a single pedal thanks to the included dowel with a split pedal option. This seat is pretty lightweight even a small child can move around with it making it a breeze to transport. The pedal is padded to make it more comfortable and eliminate any chances of slipping when working out. You don’t need to assemble the seat before using it, it comes fully assembled. It is perfect for cardio/aerobic workouts.

Why you should get one:
  • You can include a functional resistance kit if you need more workout options.
  • It is covered by a 5-year warranty.

6. Pilates PRO Chair with 4 DVDs by Life’s A Beach

Pilates PRO Chair with 4 DVDs by Life's A Beach

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  • By: Life’s A Beach Chair Gyms

The Pilates Pro is another chair designed to make sitting, standing and the entire work out process easy, safe and much more enjoyable. It has a tough steel frame that ensures you get long-lived service, the vinyl seat ensures maximum comfort. Expect to find adjustable springs that ensure smooth fluid resistance to suit the different levels of fitness ability of the different users. You will be able to focus on different areas of your body like abs, hips, chest and more.

This unit will comfortably fit any user so long as they don’t exceed 300lbs.  You can choose to yield cardio benefits and strengthen your core by performing in quick flowing motion.  We are almost certain that you will like the compact and lightweight design that makes it a cinch to store and transport the Pilates Pro gym chair. The company was quite thoughtful to include 4 DVDs to guide you throughout the work out the process.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • You are free to choose your favorite color from the multiple options available.
  • Buyers enjoy a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty.

5. Pilates PRO Chair Max with Sculpting Handles by Life’s A Beach

Pilates PRO Chair Max with Sculpting Handles by Life's A Beach

Get it now on Amazon.com

  • By: Life’s A Beach Chair Gyms

The manufacturer of this shower seat kept in mind all the important features the best gym seat should include. It has a sturdy framework is made of heavy-duty anodized aluminum that is resistant to corrosion. A smooth vinyl seat ensures maximum comfort and support. You can help but notice the removable sculpting handles intended at offering more work out options.

There is a split-step pedal system that lets your arms and legs exercise individually or together. Adjust the resistance level to a level you find suitable courtesy of the adjustable spring system. You can only use this unit if you are less than 300lbs.  The package included 4 DVDs to guide you through the makeover, assembly and a ton of other exercises.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • Additional colors available to suit different tastes and preferences.
  • It is backed by a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty.

4. Emson Flex Force Ultimate Training Gym, Chair Gyms Grey/Black

Emson Flex Force Ultimate Training Gym

Get it now on Amazon.com

  • By: Emson Chair Gyms

You do not need to suffer in silence where this gym chair can make your exercises easier, more comfortable and secure. The Emson Flex Force Ultimate training gym chair will make working out pleasurable and relax yet still booth sturdy and durable. It is, however, pricier but the satisfactory performance, superior build quality, and ergonomic design make it worth every penny it costs.

It is a 50-in-1 work out system, you can use it for seated bicep curls, biceps reverse, seated hammer biceps curls, and seated wrist curls among others. There are three bands of different colors for more workout options. When you are done using it, simply fold it to squeeze it into tight spaces like under furniture for convenient storage. You will find it easy to work out with the included work out card and specific step-by-step training.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Chair Gyms:
  • You get an impressive 7 DVDs with 3 levels for each to help you when working out.
  • It comes with straps for fastening the ankles for resistance weight.

3. The Resistance Chair Resistance Band Seated Exercise System

The Resistance Chair Resistance Band Seated Exercise System

Get it now on Amazon.com

  • By: VQ ActionCare Chair Gyms

If you are willing to spend a ton for extra quality and performance then this is your best bet. This resistance exercise chair sport a simple yet practical design that well-serves its purpose and holds up for long years resisting all elements and wear and tear. You will get 2 sets of level 5 resistance cables and 1 set of level 4 cables alongside the set of level 7 cables. Another feature worth noting is the PostureProp back support that provides support as well as other forms of work out options.

The Health Step attachment is also available to add to the countless exercising you can do with this thing. Weighing in reasonably at 24lbs, this unit can support up to an impressive 400lbs so it should fit anyone. You won’t need any special skills or tools to set up this seat with the user manual. There is an accompanying DVD to provide all the necessary information you need when exercising. It is a decent investment that is well worth the sacrifice. Highly recommended.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Chair Gyms:
  • It comes with a steel frame that means durability and added safety.
  • There is a free DVD to guide you through the workout process.

2. Chair Gym Total Body Workout, Black

Chair Gym Total Body Workout

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  • By: Chair Gym

The next best exercise seat is this total body workout chair. It sports a solid construction with straps for flexibility. You will be able to do over 50 workouts with this unit, it is upon you to decide which one works for you. The gym chair offers 3 levels of resistance depending on your level of experience, you can either go with the beginner, intermediate or advanced level.

The company recommends the chair for users who weigh less than 220lbs. Setting up this thing is like eating a pie, anyone can do it. Fold it for convenient storage when you are done exercising and need to move to other duties. It comes with a DVD to assist you with the exercises and a user manual for ease of set up and use.

reasons I picked Best Chair Gyms:
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The chairs can be used for full body exercise.

1. Chair Gym Total Body Workout, Best Chair Gym

Chair Gym Total Body Workout

Get it now on Amazon.com

  • By: Chair Gym

If you have been waiting for a price drop in this category but still desire the same excellent performance then here you go.  You will enjoy carrying out over 50 different work out options thanks to the ergonomic design and functional features. The seat is sturdy and durable and can withstand up to 350lbs of weight.

Expect to find 3 levels of resistance, beginner, intermediate and advanced, it is your choice depending on where you think you fall. You can lock the stretch bands to provide support. It is pretty easy to set up this seat and use it. You are required to fold it after use if you want to store it in tight spaces.

reasons I picked Best Chair Gyms:
  • A Velcro ankle band holds your ankle in position for the more effective exercise.
  • It comes with an instruction manual and DVD for ease of use and exercise.

What to consider when buying gym chairs?

  • Size and weight capacity: Gym chairs are not necessarily intended for all users. Compare the weight and height recommendations against your own values before choosing on a product. Check the chairs measurements against the space you have at home and ensure that it fits. Determine if you’ll require adjustable legs or not. The chair should be high enough to a level where your feet can be placed flat on the floor and the knees bent at an angle of 90 ͦ.
  • The needs and medical conditions: buyers with conditions as irreversible or degenerative physical damage are advised to consider a strong gym chair with specific features to make it easy for them to exercise. Users with back problems will want to opt for options with ample back support.
  • Material: The materials used determine the durability of that gym chair. Ensure the seat is made from durable material that can stand up to day to day rough use. The material used on the other hand also determines the level of comfort, a padded seat, for example, are more comfortable while the breathable seat ensures that you don’t feel sweaty even during hot weather.
  • Ease of use: The option you settle for should be easy to set up, use and store. Foldable chairs are the ideal choice if you have limited storage space. Ensure the gym chair you settle on is lightweight and easy to lift so you won’t strain to carry it after a weary session of exercise.
  • Price: Like any other product on the market, gym chairs vary in price. Ensure what you have in mind is within your budget range so you don’t blister your wallet.


Why you need gym chairs?

  • Health: Workouts are the surest and safest way to lose body fat, improve stamina, promote heart health, and improve tone, strength and general body health. Ensure you exercise for at least 15 – 30 minutes every day for the best results.
  • They are cheap: You can’t compare the cost of purchasing a gym chair to the amount you will spend to set up your own home gym or what you pay for a commercial gym. A gym chair is a cheaper way of exercising.


All these finalists in this crucial category scored high marks for the excellent job they do. So you will surely find that you can’t do much better than these options in matters rework stations. They are the best gym chairs on the market and are favorites to many and built for quality and longevity. Don’t hesitate, just choose the option that suits you and you will surely be glad you did.

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