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11 Best Laser Caps for Hair Growth in 2022


Hair loss is a great concern for people these days. Naturally, the people who are working under pressure or running businesses are expected to encounter this problem. However, in a rare case, some others are naturally inherited. In addition, both men and women have common hair loss in many ways, such as receding hair, hair falling in patches, or hair thinning. Anyway, there is always an up-to-date solution to your issues with advanced technology.

Of course, hair loss can be treated in many forms, including the use of shampoos, oils, creams, or supplements. They consist of excellent chemical substances for treating hair loss. On top of that, you can also find various devices that help regrow your hair more effectively, such as laser helmets and caps, specializing in hair loss treatment with its low-level laser therapy technology. It produces laser energy to penetrate through hair follicles, restoring healthy hair.

Top Best Laser Cap for Hair Growth Therapy You Must Know

1. Kiierr FDA-Cleared Laser Caps

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Kiierr FDA-cleared laser caps and MAX hair loss bundle uses low-level laser therapy (LLLT) on the scalps of both men and women to effectively treat hair loss. Hair growth has never been so accessible and easy!

The Kiierr272Premier Laser Cap System is one of the most powerful and comprehensive hair growth systems developed. Kiierr laser caps are hands-free, portable, and chemical-free. All Kiierr laser caps are created to be worn discreetly under a baseball cap that comes with your purchase. You can even switch it out and wear a baseball cap of your own. They’re clinically proven to produce new hair growth on the scalp and revitalize dormant hair follicles. There is a 7-month growth guarantee following your purchase. This guarantees customers hair growth success or your money back. Start your hair growth journey with Kiierr today!

Key Benefits

  • Effectively treats hair loss
  • Strengthen & lengthens existing hair follicles
  • 2-year warranty
  • 7-month growth guarantee
  • FDA-Cleared
  • Lightweight, hands-free, & portable

2. iRestore Red Light Laser Cap – Hair Regrowth Laser Cap

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Hair loss is a result of the hair follicles being impaired. With insufficient moisture and nutrients, the hair starts to fall off. To treat it appropriately, the iRestore cap with the low-level laser technology will help regrow the damaged hair follicles. As a result, the hair will regrow to its normal condition. In addition, this iRestore cap brand comes with an approved FDA that means the product is qualified for the highest standard and safety for use.

Considerable features:

  • A sleek design with 51 red medical lasers built-in
  • Comes with a lightweight headband with soft pads interior to prevent head pressure during treatment
  • Able to regrow thicker hair from balding, hair receding, and thinning hair
  • Improve cell metabolism rate and strengthen sensitive hair follicles
  • Work perfectly when paired with supplements or other hair therapy products
  • Hand-free and non-invasive
  • Offers money-back guarantee up to 6 months

3. HairMax Bendable Laser Device for Hair Growth Therapy

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This device is substantial for treating hair loss issues because this band comes with 82 medical-grade lasers. The separate laser will produce enough energy to penetrate the hair follicles, thus making the hair stronger and fuller. Moreover, the band is designed for comfort and flexibility. The outer structure is lightweight and bendable, plus it has a navy-blue colour attached with a power button. Meanwhile, the interior layout consists of 82 red laser beams and soft parting teeth that are friendly to the head during the treatment. Moreover, it has a stretchable body that allows for full coverage over the head.

Considerable features:

  • FDA approval product
  • Contains 82 lasers that can stimulate hair follicles well
  • Designed for hands-free operation
  • Lightweight and soft interior making this device user-friendly
  • Able to restore the hair as fullest and thickest as possible
  • Apply up to 3 possible areas
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery and its charging stand
  • Treatment time: 1mn30s per time and 3 times per week

4. HairMax Hand-free & Comfortable Laser Cap for Treating Hair Loss

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HairMax brand always offers the best quality and effective treatment hair device like this black laser cap. The cap has a powerful 272 medical-grade lasers that can produce up to 1360mW of energy to treat damaged hair. Moreover, the laser cap has a simple design with black color like a normal cap. Also, this laser cap for hair growth is soft and bendable on the inside; therefore, users will not feel irritated when wearing it. Other than that, this exclusive hair loss therapy cap is perfect for treating Androgenetic alopecia of both men and women.

Considerable features:

  • Capable of generating 1360mW with 272 medical-grade lasers
  • Pioneers with a dual operating mode
  • Soft and flexible skin design
  • Design with silicon interior to prevent irritation
  • Best for strengthening hair follicles and improving hair density
  • Comes with power cord, power supply, instruction manual, and controller
  • 15mns to 30mns treatment time, 3 times per week
  • Offer a 6-month guarantee

5. LH80 Hair Regrowth Therapy Laser Helmet – Theradome Pro for Both Men & Women

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This beautiful laser helmet comes in a white exterior design attached with sky blue color and red laser light on the inside. This colorful helmet will help your hair regrow faster with its 80 density laser energy. When you wear it, the laser energy will penetrate through hair follicles. As a result, the hair will regain its foundations and get back to its regrowth cycle. Other than that, you can use this laser helmet to treat hair loss easily by wearing it on your head for 20 minutes each time. With this technology and creative design, you will not have to go for surgery or use other treatment methods. Also, the product is approved as an FDA safety. Therefore, it is safe and painless to treat your hair loss.

Considerable features:

  • The device has no LED built-in (LED hair loss treatment may have side effects)
  • Weightless and hand-free design that is built for comfort and user-friendliness
  • Guarantee an effective and painless treatment with cool laser technology
  • Lasers can deeply pierce to repair and restore the hair follicles
  • Easy for operation without using hands
  • Universal fit for both men and women
  • Has an FDA approval

6. 272 Black Laser Cap for Hair Growth with FX Follicle Supplements 

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This pain-free laser cap treatment for hair loss comes with 272 medical-grade lasers built-in. The laser energy will go through hair follicles to stimulate and restore. Hence, the hair will be healthier and eventually grow thicker and fuller. In addition, the FX supplement bottle contains gluten-free, non-gmo, and 600 mcg biotin. Also, the FX supplement includes natural substances that will not have side effects, such as organic green tea extract, berry extract, grape seed, and so on. Specifically, this laser cap brand offers a package of one laser cap, 1 FX follicle supplement bottle, AC adapter, and battery sets. On top of that, the product comes with a 5-year warranty that is exceptional for users.

Considerable features:

  • Exceptional design for treating thinning hair, receding hair, balding, and hair regrowth
  • Full scalp coverage for up to 272 lasers
  • Perfect hair loss therapy due to a combination of laser treatment and organic FX supplements
  • Able to rejuvenate the damaged hair follicles
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Comes with a battery set and a holistic hair health book
  • Has a guaranteed 5-years product warranty

7. Capillus Low-Level Laser Cap for Hair Growth

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The top 5 product on our list is Capillus laser cap. This cap provides soft and flexible skin. Thus, when you wear it for treatment, you will not experience any irritation. Moreover, it doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is. You can easily treat the hair by putting it on the head like a cap. Furthermore, this black laser cap can produce up to 410mW of energy that will rejuvenate the hair, so you only need to wear it for 6 minutes per day. After treating for a few months, your hair will regain its strength. Then you will see the hair more black, thick, and silky smooth.

Considerable features:

  • Emit 410mW energy with 82 laser lights
  • Pioneer with low-level laser technology
  • Comes with a package of batteries, adaptors, and a laser cap
  • It is an FDA approved product, carrying no LED lights and side effects
  • Ideal for treating thinning hair and receding hairline
  • A great combination when used with biotin supplement to see a faster result
  • Comes in lightweight and easy to keep in the package

8. RegrowMD FDA Approved Laser Cap Therapy

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Similar to other laser caps, this RegrowMD brand constructs 272 separate lasers with superior quality. In addition, the cap offers low-level laser technology, so the light can deeply penetrate hair follicles, resulting in hair restoration and regrowth. Plus, each laser has a small opening that emits light directly to your hair. The opening allows the laser energy to treat the hair follicles well. Moreover, this laser cap is designed with a soft and flexible interior, so it is convenient to use. You can treat the hair by wearing it normally because this laser cap does not require complicated operation and has no side effects.

Considerable features:

  • Uses a low laser light for treatment
  • Designs with openings for the light energy to cover the full scalp
  • An FDA laser therapy product
  • Offers a 6-month warranty with money-back
  • Comes in an adjustable size to fit everyone
  • Easily recharge the battery with a fast charger
  • The skin cap is soft and bendable
  • Treatment time: 30 minutes per day and 3 days a week

9. HairMax Comfortable Laser Band – Hair Loss Therapy Flexible Band

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Here is another quality laser device for treating hair loss issues from the HairMax brand. This product comes with an exceptional 41 medical-grade lasers along with vertical elastic parting teeth. The vertical teeth are so soft that they allow you to move the band to any area without irritation. Like other devices, this hair loss therapy band emits laser energy to pierce through hair follicles for treatment. Moreover, once the hair is completely repaired, it will become thicker and fuller. For the hair treatment, you only need to operate with this laser band for 3 minutes per day and 3 days a week.

Considerable features:

  • Apply laser light to cover the full scalp
  • Laser energy helps rejuvenate and restore the hair follicles
  • Builds in with soft teeth that make it easy to move
  • Has a power button on the bend side
  • Comes with a set of battery, power, and a charging stand
  • Less treatment time than any other devices (only 3 minutes per day)
  • Clinically and FDA recognition10

10. Shapiro MD 272 Lasers Built-in Cap Treating Receding Hair

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People are always shy to wear hair loss therapy devices when it comes to being bald or receding hairline. This laser cap for hair growth has a sleek design with a comfortable and flexible outer look. The cap comes with 272 laser lights and low-level laser technology that can cover a full scalp. Furthermore, the design is comfortably fit to every person. Therefore, people who want their hair treated well can consider having this Shapiro MD 272 laser cap. This laser cap can help fix the damaged hair follicles faster and regrow them back quicker than other therapy methods.

Considerable features:

  • Designs with high-quality cotton and MD logo in front
  • Builds in 272 lasers with LLLT
  • Proven to be effective for regrowing hair
  • Soft and flexible that people can wear like a regular cap
  • FDA proves to be safe and improve hair follicles quicker
  • Can combine with other hair loss supplements for the best treatment
  • 30 minutes treatment time per day for 4 days a week

11.  illumiflow Hand-free Laser Cap with Follicles FX Supplements 

Get it now on Amazon.com

A Illumiflow laser cap is the top leading hair growth treatment product on our list. With the low-level laser system, curing receding hair, thinning hair, and balding are no longer painful. The technology of this cap treats the hair follicles with its 148 lasers light. It produces sufficient energy for the damaged hair follicles to grow back. Plus, since it comes with a mixture of FX follicles supplement, it is guaranteed for the hair to restore as soon as possible. The FX supplement is made with organic ingredients that are ideal for vegetarians.

Considerable features:

  • Uses LLLT system for treating hair follicles and regrowing hair
  • Has 148 individual lasers to pinpoint the hair follicles effectively
  • Comes with an adjustable and fitting design
  • Includes a package of an instruction book, battery supplies, a power cord, and an FX follicle supplement bottle
  • FDA is proven to be safe and pain-free during the treatment
  • Includes a 5-year warranty

Helpful Tips Before Picking Up The Best Laser Cap for Hair Growth in 2022

Low-Light Laser Energy System

Once your hair is damaged, it normally causes thinning hair, balding, or receding hairline. This problem can be solved with many possible therapeutics; however, using LLLT is the safest way to treat hair loss. Thus, a product that uses the LLLT is guaranteed to be safer and better than the LED one.


Many laser caps for hair growth come with a bendable and lightweight. Also, you can wear it on the head without using your hands to hold it. Therefore, it helps lessen the burden for the users.

Treatment Time

Time can be tricky here. First, you need to pick the right product. For instance, if you are a busy person, you can look for a laser cap that has less treatment time. Normally, once you use it in a short time, you need to consistently use it up to 4 or 5 times per week.

FDA Recognition

FDA is known to ensure every health, food, and medical device are safely manufactured and regulated. So you need to pick the FDA-approved product when it comes to a medical device like a laser cap for hair growth.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Many Times Per Day Can I Wear A Laser Cap?

You cannot wear it over 1 time per day, nor can you use it daily. It would be best to wear your laser cap for hair therapy at a maximum of 30 minutes per day and 3 times per week.

Do Laser Caps Really Grow Hair?

According to real user results, the LLLT can stimulate hair follicles, thus offering the damaged hair to regrow. However, the laser cap cannot be used to treat baldness.

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