1.4 inch Mini Handheld GPS Navigation GPS Receiver Location Finder


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1.Mini shape, just like a watch
2.Compact, easy to carry
3.Provide the direction and distance to the destination       
4.Destination point can be set, maximum 16 points               
5.Record the distance you travelled, and the time you spent           
6.Provide current position: longitude, latitude, and altitude information
7.Speed measurement           
8.Display accurate time synchronized by satellite               
9.Built-in lithium-ion battery
10.With an extremely long waiting time   
11.With back-lit display   
12.Multifuncion with simple operation
13.Ideal for Drift/Camping/Hiking/Climbing…                    


Color Army green(as shown in the pictures)
Refresh rate 1
Housing ABS
Storage capacity 512M
Certificates FCC/CE/Rohs   
Accuracy of positioning 5-15m
Battery Built-in lithium-ion battery
Screen size 3.5in 
Dimensions 65*53*21mm  

This item can provide the direction and distance to the destination, set the destination point, record the distance you have travelled,
provide current position and speed, display accurate time synchronized by satellite…. With it, you will never get lost again.  

Package included:
1 X PG03 Mini GPS device
1 X USB cable
1 X Keychain  

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