TFT LCD Screen Monitor Rear Reverse Rearview Backup Camera


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3.5" TFT LCD Color Screen Monitor for Car Rear Reverse Rearview Backup Camera

Take three adjusting button, can adjust the brightness, contrast, etc
After connecting reversing system, when the reverse images automatically turn to display
Connect this LCD Monitor to your vehicle.
For use with car camera's, rear view cameras, etc.
Unit Size :10.8cm x 6.9cm  /  4.25 x 2.75  inch
Cable Length: 1.52m / 60 inch
Color: Black

1.Connect the power cord must distinguish is negative (red + black -) if the wrong, the insurance
tube fuse immediately in the box. Please replace the same parameters of insurance
2.This product is the main components of the LCD screen, said is glass, please pay attention to crushing
3.Installation is strong and reliable, to prevent fall when running in the car or the brake, personal and equipment accident
4.Dc 12 v contact should take on the power supply line to prevent because of excessive voltage affect the normal use of the machine.
5.Non-professional person do not dismantle the machine. If fail, please turn off the power immediately

Package Included:
1 X 3.5" TFT LCD Car Mirror Monitor
1 X Power Cable (1.52M)
1 X User Manual