4 CH Receiver Transmitter Wireless Remote Control Switch 12V 315MHz


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4 CH Receiver+Transmitter Wireless Remote Control Switch DC 12V RF 315MHz

Garage door control,  household appliances wireless control switch,remote control curtains, lighting control and so on.


Description  4 ways
Transmitting Distance 150M ~ 200M (open place)
Operating Voltage DC 12V 
Quiescent Current <5 mA ~ 7 mA
Electronic Contact Capacity 7A 240V AC / 10A 24V DC
The Way Modify Coding Type Bonding Pad
Operating Frequency 315MHz
Rated Load 2000 W
Dimension 88*63 mm
Control Mode Latch Type
Non-latch Type
Auto-latch Type

Latch type:

Press the button, the relay on till you press another one. Just like the wind-speed buttons of electronic-fan, press a wind-speed button, the electronic-fan running a certain speed till you press another buttons;

Auto-Latch type: 

Press the button, the relay on till you press it again. Just like the power key of TV remote controller, when you press it, TV on, press again, TV off;

Non-Latch type: 

Press the button, the relay on till you release it. Just like the button of Klaxon, if you press it, Klaxon on, and will turn off once you release it;

Control Mode  Press    Release  Press same button again Press another button
Latch Relay on Relay on Relay on Relay off
Auto-Latch Relay on Relay on Relay off Relay keep previous status
Non-Latch Relay on Relay off Relay on Relay off, suppose the button released

Package Included:

1 X 12V 4 CH Receiver 
1 X 12V 4 CH Remote