AE100 Fast Quick Charge Automotive Car Relay Tester


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AE100 Fast Quick Charge Automotive Car Relay Tester 

AE100 is a quick test tool to test the car relay, let you know the status of the automotive relay.
By continuous automobile battery (11V-15V) to the relay coil, the tester can check the relay contact function properly.
The tester will observe the contact head data, the closing time, the inertia of the relay in each test phase and so on.
If the test is qualified, will be the green light, if the test is not qualified, the red light.

1. Of the three most popular types of relay test.
2. The appropriate control relay 2 test on and off.
3. Power test instrument used car battery 12V.
4. Convenient car relay test.
5. If the relay test is not normal bright light red LED, if the normal bright green LED.

Car battery must be a 12V battery, the voltage must be between 11-15V. Coil resistance is better than 20 ohms or more.

Package Included:
1 X Automotive Relay Tester