Electronic Slimming Fat Burning Pulse Muscle Acupuncture Massager

$13.74 $10.30

Massage the acupuncture points of the body, relieve fatigue and massage whole body.
Local body slimming, Improve blood circulation and activate  nerve under skin, release pressure .
Slimming massager for: Stiffness of shoulders, Paralysis of peripheral nerves, Recovery of fatigue, Improves Neuralgia, Gradual release of muscle pain.
Out of 2 channels-A and B can be used to treat various parts of the body.
Condition: 100%Brand new and high quality
Body Dimension: 10 X 7.5 X 2.5 cm
Power supply: 2 X AAA (3V) battery
(not included)
Weight: About 233g
The board of the machine may be shown like that below, when you insert the battery as the battery compartment,
ignoring the polarity of the board. It can work normally
Please consider you mind or not before buying.
Package included:
1 x Slimming massager
1 x Connecting cable
4 x Massage therapy electrode pads



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