Vehicle Alam System Security Protect Keyless Entry Central Control


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Vehicle Alarm System Security Protect Keyless Entry Central Control
This is one way car alarm system supporting keyless entry and central contol.
1. Arming with sound
2. Disarming
3. Mute-arming
4. Vehicle locator/Panic/Overtaking/Emergency call (not startup type main unit)
5. Emergency warning
6. Emergency override
7. LED indicator
8. Shocking sensor
9. Reminder of un-closed door/Dome light suspend
10. Auto rearming
11. Reminder of arming setting
12. Electric and pneumatic door locks (Factory default setting is electric door lock)
13. Open door warning when stopped the vehicle
14. Remote trunk release (The vehicle must have the motor of remote trunk.)
15. Remote code learning
16. Anti-hijacking function
17. Auto central locking
Main board
Output current: signal light:7.5A*2, siren 10A, central lock 10A
Coding: Learning code
Voltage: 12+3V
Static Current: <10mA( except indicator, sensor)
Indicator Current <3mA intermittently
Shock Sensor Current: <1mA
Frequency: 315/433.92MHz
Remote control 
Voltage: 12V/9V/6V
Static Current: 0mA
Battery: CR2016*3/9V/ CR2032*2/6V / 27A/12V
Frequency: 315/433.92MHz
Coding: Learning code
Coding times: > 1 million
Model Number: 8150

Package Included:
1 X Car Alarm
2 X Remote Controller
1 X User Manual