2 in 1 Auto Car Dryer Heater Cooler Fan Demister Defroster Hot Cold


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ROHS compliant.
Quickly heats your vehicle.
No need to wait for engine to warm.
This 12v car heater defroster quickly heats the air in your car without having to wait for your engine to warm up. 
It uses your car's cigarette lighter socket and allows you to defrost / demist your windows quickly and efficiently so you can get on the road and get to your destination
If you're delayed in a traffic incident you can also stay warm without running the engine.
Can also be used as a fan only to cool you down in the summer months.
Just plug it into your vehicle's cigarette socket and turn it on. 
The base can be mounted using either the screws or self adhesive pads provided so you'll always have the heater/defroster within easy reach.
Input Voltage: 12V DC 
Input Current: 12.5A
Output Power: 150W
Material: abs
Weight: 370g
Type: XW703
Apply to: Closed small area
Fuse: 15A tube type
Weight(Kg): 0.42
Main function: window defogging, local heating, fan role.
Cigaretee lighter plug.
Come with handle, easy to carry.
Package Included:
1 X Heater Cooler Fan